“In Remembrance”


 In acknowledgement of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice and for the families that endured the Lost, long separation from loved ones and the hardship in dealing with life situations at home.  We honor them and several significant dates throughout the year by placing US flags on main street, conducting Flag Ceremonies, Presentations, Serving the community by providing free food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) for anyone that comes into the VFW on certain dates. We also provide our Halls for VFW Member Funeral Reception, Military Functions (Retirements and Promotions), Certain Veteran Support Organizations, Schertz Police Group, as well as Boy Scout Functions. We also sponsor School and Community Sports Activities.

The above picture is not in celebration but in remembrance. Pay close attention to the symbol created from the Sun gleaming through the blue portion of the flag.

Thank You again for all of your support. 


75th Anniversary Celebration – 28 August 2021