Background: VFW’s congressional charter was signed in 1936, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt when the military consisted only of men. Today, our military consists of brave men and women putting duty and service before themselves. Based on a resolution that was passed on the floor of the VFW National Convention, two companion bills, S. 2782 and H.R. 5441, were introduced by Senate and House VA Committee chairmen will make small but significant changes to that charter. The update consists of two wording changes – replacing the word “men” with “veterans” and the word “widows” with “surviving spouses.”

 Action Needed: Contact your Senate and House members today and ask them to support passage of S. 2782 and H.R. 5441. Tell them that the VFW believes that being an eligible veteran is what is most important to our organization, not gender. And changing widows to surviving spouses more accurately reflects the membership of the VFW. Urge them to support and pass these bills today!

75th Anniversary Celebration – 28 August 2021